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Energy Efficiency

One of the key issues as data centre and facility managers attempt to reduce running costs at the same time as they are asked to increase compute resource!

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Starting with servers and storage, just how can you optimise your IT asset inventory – and what are the dangers encountered along the way?

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Networks are coming together, at least that’s what the vendors are telling us. What is the reality, and is unified networks/comms a dream or reality?

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Not a new subject, but understanding the differences between colocation, campus and wholesale facilities is critically important as more and more business applications head out your company’s door and into an outsourced environment.

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Power & Cooling

Seemingly fated to be forever bound together – do these two topics deserve separate attention? With dire warnings of power supplies running out, as the same time as the world heats up – what’s to be done?

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The Cloud

The buzz topic – but what does it actually mean now, and into the future? Understanding the difference between public and private clouds is just the starting point on the journey to utility computing.

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Everyone’s doing it – but do they know how to, and what benefits to expect. And is it just server virtualisation – what about storage, networking, security and desktop virtualisation?

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More for the lawyers than the IT department, maybe, but plenty of companies are beginning to demand some kind of compliance guarantees, in response to increasingly stringent legislation from the local level upwards.

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