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Cryptzone Confirms Launch of AppGate Version 11.0

Adding Secure Access Control for Citrix and Windows Terminal Server, latest version of AppGate dramatically reduces risk of unauthorized insider access

AppGate Version 11.0 encompasses a new approach unique to Cryptzone. Available in January, this latest version provides the ability to control and secure access from Citrix and Windows Terminal Servers at the individual user level, to better mitigate risk of unauthorized access to sensitive company data. Version 11.0 also includes multiple performance enhancements and a new user interface.


“Citrix and Terminal Server provide highly valuable functionality for session-based access, but to date have had an Achilles heel when it comes to privileged account management across multiple users,” said Kurt Mueffelmann, President and CEO, Cryptzone. “With AppGate Version 11.0, we can close some of the security gaps that exist in these systems, to restrict what applications individuals on the network can access. This approach dramatically reduces the risk for breaches and information misuse within an organization.”


  • Posted on: 3rd December 2014 at 12:00am
  • Topics: Security;

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