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Glasswall partner with Assuria to launch pioneering defence against file based attacks

Powered by Glasswall, CyberSense Object Scanner protects against Malware and Zero-Day attacks

Glasswall Solutions has launched the first commercially available solution for examining and correcting file structure and removing harmful content from file objects, through a partnership with UK cyber security software provider Assuria.

The fully patented security software product is expected to transform computer safety.  Protecting against advanced and persistent malware in file based attacks, this ‘next generation’ of malware defence provides guaranteed critical information security for organisations.

Assuria’s CyberSense Object Scanner will use the technology to enable organisations to incorporate the solution into existing IT security systems. Thesoftware decomposes and examines the structure of an incoming file, or locates file objects from anywhere in a file system. Based on configurable policies it examines files at byte level for structure, validating it against the original software manufacturers’ specification. Objects are examined for potentially harmful or unwanted content such as Java, URL’s, metadata, active content and others and unwanted content is stripped from the object and only the transformed object is passed through a logical air gap for normal use.

Image objects are compared, structurally, with normal JPEG, GIF and PNG structures and transformed as required. The Glasswall™ technology is being extended and will cover an ever wider range of object types in the coming months, but with pdf attachments estimated to transport up to 70% of current malware, the technology is a hugely powerful new weapon in the armoury of IT Security departments today.

Bob Ayers, Commercial Director of Glasswall Solutions said, “We’re delighted to be part of this exciting new solution launch and to be partners with Assuria Ltd. Their experience in vulnerability assessment and configuration assurance made them ideal partners for us in this first product release and our partnership with Assuria allows us to focus on further development of the core Glasswall technology.”

Terry Pudwell, Director and Co-founder of Assuria Ltd said, “We believe CyberSense Object Scanner with Glasswall’s patented technology delivers the first easy to use and effective file integrity management and advanced file level malware detection since the days of mainframe ubiquity.” 

  • Posted on: 22nd November 2012 at 12:00am

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