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The Open Group releases guide “Cloud Computing for Business”

Leading global IT standards organisation introduces new book providing guidance and best practices for enterprises to maximise ROI fromcloud computing

The Open Group today announced the immediate availability of its new book, Cloud Computing for Business, which takes an in-depth look at cloud computing and how enterprises can derive the greatest business benefit from its potential. The publication is part of the ongoing work of The Open Group Cloud Computing Work Group, which exists to create, among buyers and suppliers, a common understanding of how enterprises of all sizes and scales of operation can use cloud computing technology in a safe and secure way in their architectures to realise its significant cost, scalability and agility benefits.

Intended for a variety of corporate stakeholders — from the executive suite to business managers, the IT and marketing departments, as well as enterprise and business architects —the book reflects the combined experience of member companies of The Open Group and their collective understanding shared with the wider IT community as practical guidance for considering cloud computing. The book explores the importance of cloud computing within the overall technology landscape and provides practical advice for companies considering using the cloud, as well as ways to assess the risk in cloud initiatives and build return on investment.

“With each new technology trend that emerges, the resulting hype cycle often obscures how companies can actually take advantage of the new phenomenon and share in its growth and benefits,” said Dr. Chris Harding, director, interoperability, The Open Group. “The cloud computing Work Group was established by Open Group members to help enterprises of all sizes make sense of cloud computing and provide the understanding necessary to make it work for them. The Open Group and our member community are excited to release this book, which pays special consideration to an organisation’s technical and business requirements, and aims to help readers gain the greatest value possible from their cloud projects.”

Key themes covered in the book include:

• Why cloud?
• Establishing your cloud vision
• Buying cloud services
• Understanding cloud risk
• Building return on investment from cloud computing
• Cloud challenges for the business

  • Posted on: 12th September 2011 at 12:00am
  • Topics: The Cloud;

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