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Founded in 1984, Server Technology is located in Reno, Nevada, where the company develops, manufacturers, and distributes it’s Sentry line of power distribution units and switches.

Server Technology Inc. is the leading provider of cabinet power distribution unit products. Server Technology’s large customer base includes government, financial, and educational institutions, as well as large corporations and service providers, who rely on Server Technology for all their data center and remote cabinet power distribution unit needs. Server Technology’s philosophy is to provide high quality, feature rich, secure products to the data center market combined with superior technical support and service.

Server Technology is committed to the power distribution unit marketplace with the single largest group of engineers dedicated specifically to power distribution and other solutions within the data center equipment cabinet. With an extensive line of both AC and DC power distribution unit products, combined with several models of fail safe transfer switches, Server Technology provides a one stop shop for all cabinet power distribution unit needs. Continuous research and development is fueled by large computer and service providers who look to Server Technology for their custom cabinet power solutions. Server Technology’s distinctive OEM customer base, combined with direct and channel partner sales, has continued to fuel our rapid growth.

Server Technology was the first company to bring Input Current Monitoring to the market with digital display indicators built into Sentry enclosures to report the True RMS Input Current Load (in amps) for each power circuit. Data Center managers use these values to properly load balance and maximize power circuits, thereby eliminating the guess work of power planning and forecasting, which improves data center power management.

Today’s products are designed for all types of facilities, from wiring closets in remote branch offices, high-power, high-density 3-phase power equipment cabinets in enterprise data centers, to Telco facilities managing routers and other network devices.

Server Tech (sentry)

Metered CDU's

26 Sep 2012

The Sentry Metered CDU products provide reliable power distribution for all devices in the equipment cabinet, from 2kW-22kW per cabinet. Available in single-phase 110-120V or 208-240V or 3-Phase 208-240V power distribution with 20A, 30A, 50A or 60A options. Local input current monitoring allows the installation engineer to verify the aggregate load on the circuit or phase.

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PIPS (Per Inlet Power Sensing) cabinet PDUs

21 Aug 2012

Learn about the many features and benefits of cabinet PDUs (power distribution units) with PIPS (Per Inlet Power Sensing) with Marc Eisenberg, Server Technology Power Expert.

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Server Technology Powers World's Deepest Cabled Ocean Observatory

24 Oct 2011

When the University of Hawaii School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST) needed a way to power the world's deepest cabled ocean observatory, it knew it needed a little help.

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Efficiency Gains with 480V/277V Power at the Cabinet Level

25 May 2011

In February 2009, the Data Center Pulse Group, along with the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, began calling for new data center implementations in North America to incorporate support for a 480V/277V power distribution topology.1 They implored the makers of power supplies and servers to begin extending the operating range of their gear from a high end of 240V to a 277V nominal input. The driving impetus for recommending 277V power to the rack was two-fold – improved efficiencies and lower costs.

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Server Technology announces total solution for data center power management

30 Sep 2011

The seamless combination of Server Technology's web-based Sentry Power Manager (SPM) 5.0 and Version 6.1 firmware for Server Technology's cabinet power distribution units provides the industry's most complete rack-level data center power monitoring, measurement and control

Server Technology, the global leader for rack-based power distribution for the data center, announced the availability of the industry's first seamless system for data center power management, with the release of SPM v5.0 combined with the latest version 6.1 update to the intelligent cabinet (CDU) family of power distribution units (PDU.)

Posted on: 30th September 2011 at 12:00am

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Server Technology's Firmware 6.1 Boasts Data Center Power Monitoring, User-Friendly Interface

26 Sep 2011

Data center power monitoring company Server Technology is adding another accomplishment to its resume as the company has unveiled new firmware 6.1, a release that is unlike anything currently out there, according to company officials.

Posted on: 26th September 2011 at 12:00am

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Server Tech (sentry)

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