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Panasas is the premier provider of high performance scale-out storage solutions for big data workloads. All Panasas storage appliances leveragePanasas® PanFS™ parallel file system to deliver superior performance, data protection, scalability, and manageability.

Panasas introduced scale-outl parallel storage products based on its first generation blade architecture in 2004. Now in its fifth generation, Panasas systems are optimized for highly demanding big data workloads in design and discovery including bioscience, energy, finance, government, manufacturing, , and other core research and development sectors.


Accelerating Digital Media Workflows with High Performance Scale-out NAS

12 Jun 2013

Build a secure, simple asset management solution to support distributed digital media production workflows.

This is a discussion on implementing high performance, scale-out NAS and DatRunner file transfer software to solve the secure, safe content sharing requirements of all-digital workflows for media production environments.

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The World of Big Data According to Garth and IDC

02 May 2013

Panasas founder and chief scientist, Dr. Garth Gibson, and Steve Conway, research vice president in IDC's high performance computing group took some time recently to discuss HPC trends and forces affecting storage in the HPC market. The role that big data plays in HPC storage, now and in future scenarios is discussed in this third and final video in this series.

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DELUXE AUSTRALIA - Panasas Case Study

29 May 2013

Deluxe Australia is a leading provider of services and technologies to the worldwide entertainment industry including top Hollywood studios. For nearly a century, Deluxe has provided content owners and creators with the tools and talent they need to bring the most compelling and exciting stories to life. Deluxe specializes in production, post-production, distribution, and asset management.

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Parallel NFS is the Future Standard to Manage Petabyte Level Growth

03 Jan 2013

IT professionals are constantly being challenged to manage exponential growth that has reached Petabyte levels.  With more and more data taxing the system, performance sacrifices are always a consideration.  And for applications which demand high performance and scale, the stakes are even higher because any I/O bottlenecks in the system can essentially bring a project to its knees.

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Panasas launches DataRunner™ for dependable, full-bandwidth content distribution

11 Jun 2013

Versatile, High Performance File Transfer Solution Operates at Maximum Network Bandwidth, Independent of Network Conditions, Distance or File Size 

Panasas, Inc., the leader in high performance parallel storage for technical computing applications and big data workloads, has introduced Panasas® DataRunner, high performance file transfer software, designed to overcome the data movement challenges found in today’s distributed scale-out storage environments. Averting the performance bottlenecks typically associated with multi-site content distribution and large-scale file sharing, DataRunner assures transfer speeds up to 16 times faster than traditional network transfer protocols. Its performance, reliability and value make DataRunner the ideal solution for high performance storage applications in the media and entertainment, life sciences, energy, finance, manufacturing and other enterprise markets.

Posted on: 11th June 2013 at 12:00am

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Panasas wins Gold in the new Products of the Year category at 8th annual Hot Companies and Best Products Awards

14 May 2013

ActiveStor® 14 Recognized for Mixed Workload Performance, Scalability and Ease-of-Use

Panasas, Inc., the leader in high performance parallel storage for technical computing applications and big data workloads, announced that Network Products Guide, the industry's leading technology research and advisory guide, has given Panasas® ActiveStor® 14 top honors in the very competitive New Products Category at the 8th Annual Hot Companies and Best Products Awards. The Network Products Guide awards are the industry's premier information technology awards honoring key achievements in every facet of the IT industry. Winners from around the world were honored in Las Vegas on Tuesday, May 7 during the presentation dinner.

Posted on: 14th May 2013 at 12:00am

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