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Daxten was founded in 1994 as Dakota Computer Solutions. Today Daxten is a market leader in data centre cooling optimisation solutions. As a manufacturer and distributor of innovative solutions, Daxten is at the forefront of promoting energy efficiency within the data centre. Daxten offers cutting edge power distribution and management solutions which improve the energy efficiency and reliability of the data centre.

Power distribution solutions such as the Starline Track Busway support IT managers in their pursuit of reliability and efficiency of IT operations. Daxten is also a Value Add Distributor for IT management and data centre facility solutions from Austin Hughes, Avocent, CoolControl, Dataprobe, Digi, Minicom, Plenafill, Raritan, Server Technology, Triad, UE Corp. (Starline), Upsite Technologies (KoldLok) and Uptime Devices.

In addition Daxten is a leading manufacturer of its own connectivity product lines. The company has facilities, subsidiaries and partners across Europe and the USA. As a provider of connectivity, power and cooling optimisation and high-end KVM products as well as infrastructure management solutions it is our mission to support IT managers worldwide, to ease their working life and to protect their companies against critical downtime. In Europe Daxten is headquartered in London and Berlin. For further information please visit, or


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Data Centre Cooling Solutions, Green Computing, Energy Saving, Thermal Optimisation:

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Infrastructure Management, KVM over IP, Serial over IP, Consolidated Virtualization:

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18 Sep 2012

Elliptical Mobile Solutions R.A.S.E.R. DX Micro-Modular Data Center is equipped with optional mission critical venting to protect equipment within the enclosure in the event of a power failure.

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Micro Modular Data Center RASER HD

14 Nov 2011

RASER HD, the new Micro Modular Data Center (MMDC) from Elliptical Mobile Solutions is put through its paces. RASER HD's hot and cold aisle containment and zero bypass, closed loop cooling strategy is key to cooling unprecedented heat loads at unheard of efficiencies using high temperature water. The initial results from EMS' testing were so surprising, gkkWorks, a renowned data center design and build firm, was contacted to verify the results

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Thermal Optimisation in the Data Centre

16 Jun 2011

Best Practices for achieving optimal cooling performance and significant energy savings in your data centre

Data centres contribute significantly to world-wide energy consumption. Analysts from IDC and Gartner state that two percent of total energy consumed worldwide is caused by data centres. This share is expected to double within the next five years. The increase in CO2 emissions will have a profound impact on the costs for companies, their data centres, and the ecological and environmental communities at large. 

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Daxten brings together the physical power distribution of the Data Centre with wireless power management, metering and monitoring

21 Feb 2012

Daxten, a leading supplier of Data Centre power solutions has announced the introduction of a wireless power management, metering and monitoring system as part of its extensive product portfolio.

Posted on: 21st February 2012 at 12:00am

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Daxten offers 2 new “ServerLifters” for transporting and lifting heavy IT equipment in the Data Centre

07 Feb 2012

Leading Data Centre supplier extends its ServerLIFT portfolio with new automatic and manual lifting solutions 

Moving IT equipment with a weight of up to a quarter of a ton in the data centre and being able to lift it to the upper parts of racks is certainly “no walk in the park”. It is also not an isolated task as in today’s, dynamic server room and data centre environment, IT equipment has to be changed, supplemented, relocated and reconfigured ever more frequently. This procedure always represents a high risk of injury for the data centre and facility management staff as well as a potential danger of damaging sensitive and valuable IT equipment – IT staff were constantly lifting and risking injury to themselves as well as equipment damage until Daxten introduced the automated lifting solution for heavy IT equipment named ServerLIFT at the end of 2011. Now, the NEW battery operated ServerLIFT SL-500X and the manual ServerLIFT SL-350X complete the serverlifter solution portfolio. The new systems will be shown at Data Centre World being held at Olympia National Hall, London on the 29th February and 1st March. (Daxten Stand E60)

Posted on: 7th February 2012 at 12:00am

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