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Managing the device juggle

IT managers and directors cannot hide from the fact that we now have more devices than ever before and this number will only increase in the coming years.

According to Cisco, we may have an average of 6.58 devices per person by 2020 – which will inevitably impact the corporate network.

As a result there is a huge risk of businesses losing control of what data is being accessed and by who - making it easy to see why a recent survey found that 60% of UK businesses have yet to incorporate a BYOD policy. To overcome this problem, IT departments need to take a user-centric approach, as this will allow them to put the employee first, whilst also being able to offer a successful, secure BYOD policy.

By putting the user at the heart of the policy and implementing an integrated systems, security and mobility management solution, any device will become beneficial to the organisation and not a hindrance. Companies will be able to increase productivity by allowing users to connect anywhere, anytime, in any way. This, will take businesses on the first steps to user-oriented IT. Moreover this will inspire the IT department to do greater things with devices and perhaps roll out wider BYOD policies within the organisation. Especially if this is then linked seamlessly into their ITSM solution–creating a Total User Management solution.

By Andy Baldin, Vice President, EMEA at LANDesk

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