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Five best practices for easing network configuration and change management pain

30 Apr 2013

Brian Jacobs, Senior Product Manager, Ipswitch Inc. writes: When a business grows, so does its network. Even during times when the economy slows, many companies’ infrastructures are likely to continue evolving.  To ease these growing pains, network administrators should look for tools that can manage changes and automate most of them.

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29 Apr 2013

Alex Rabbetts, MD, MigSolv writes: Having a large number of Followers on Twitter is great. Unless until you end up in Court!

With over 500million account holders globally, Twitter is the population-size equivalent of a respectable continent. It’s therefore hardly surprising that the community is finding itself having to deal with a growing number of legal issues, not least because what’s being said online is having serious consequences offline.

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Google Apps for business – redefining the line between consumer and corporate use

18 Apr 2013

Ed Macnair, CEO of SaaSID writes: “Google Apps are an attractive proposition for any business that wants to enable employees to access and work on company documents from anywhere, on any device. However, this very capacity for accessing and sharing documents is inhibiting many businesses from adopting online file-sharing applications such as Google Drive.

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How to defend against longline phishing attacks

15 Apr 2013

Scott Greaux at writes: report from ProofPoint released at the RSA conference discussed what is supposedly a new phishing technique dubbed “longline” phishing.  The report touts “longlining” as the newest way criminals are sending phishing emails in efforts to bypass technical controls.  Mass customization of emails allows criminals to fly under the radar of most email filters and successfully deliver spear-phishing emails to a larger number of email users at a single organization.  This tactic combines the best of both worlds from the criminal’s standpoint, but it doesn’t really change the game in terms of defending against phishing attacks, as your users still provide the most effective line of defense against the phishing threat.

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What has horsemeat got to do with Cyber Security?

09 Apr 2013

Harjinder Singh Lallie, Senior Teaching Fellow (Cyber Security), WMG, University of Warwick, writes:  In January 2013, a scandal broke out in the UK and Europe. Horsemeat had found its way into the food supply chain, it was discovered initially in products advertised as beef and then subsequently in many other forms of meat. In this case, the scandal had not arisen because of a potential health risk - although there were concerns about tiny quantities of certain medical products being found in the food, but more because this was a fraudulent transaction that had gone unnoticed for so long.

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