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GCHQ’s Job Application Site is a Plain Text Offender (And Other Rookie Mistakes)

27 Mar 2013

Rob Sobers, Technical Director, Varonis writes: Rookie mistakes.  Everyone makes them.  Even crafty old veterans fumble the ball every once in a while.  In the field of data security, however, small mistakes can result in really big problems.

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The Strategic Value of Data

19 Mar 2013

Steve Shah writes:The examples of how big data is changing the world are abound. From Nate Silver’s infamous election data to the latest discussion of data surrounding “March Madness“, the impact of big data on our lives is undeniable. What has been interesting however is the focus on how technology, especially around cloudcomputing, has enabled the big data discussion to really take off. If you think big technology has had a profound impact on data, just wait till you see how big data will change the landscape of technology.

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Red Hat's endorsement of the pNFS Standard

14 Mar 2013

Barabara Murphy, CMO Panasas writes: In late February, Red Hat announced the release of Enterprise Linux 6.4 with pNFS support. This validates the pNFS standard that Panasas and its founder and chief scientist, Dr. Garth Gibson, have long been championing. While the announcement did not receive much fanfare in the press, Red Hat adoption of pNFS is a key advance for the pNFS standard which until now has lacked a mainstream commercial release vehicle. We believe this to be the most important step forward for pNFS since the protocol was first included in the upstream 3.0 Linux kernel in 2011, after years of effort by engineers from Panasas and other leading storage companies. We salute Red Hat for its strong endorsement of the standard.

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The Evernote Hack – After the Panic

14 Mar 2013

Orlando Scott-Cowley writes: This weekend Evernote became the latest cloud vendor to have its systems breached; user data including passwords has been compromised. In case this is news to you, a quick recap – Evernote assured us that passwords were correctly hashed and salted unlike LinkedIn, who neglected to salt their passwords. Evernote didn’t tell uswhether or not the salts were compromised too. The attack “follows a similar pattern” to others so we can assume some sort of long term APT style compromise.

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