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Red Hat Teams with Intel for Open Source Big Data Innovations

27 Feb 2013

Ranga Rangachari, vice president and general manager, Red Hat Storage writes: A significant component to the big data and open hybrid cloud direction Red Hat announced on Feb. 20 is our collaboration with leading big data software and hardware providers to offer enterprise features and interoperability. The intended result of this community-driven innovation will be a set of co-developed reference architectures that provide enterprise customers with comprehensive big data solutions. In a press release from Intel today announcing Intel® Distribution for Apache Hadoop software (Intel® Distribution), Red Hat has extended its strategic collaboration with Intel to jointly innovate and develop enterprise big data solutions through the open source community.

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Twenty Critical Security Controls

26 Feb 2013

Adam Montville, Security and Compliance Architect at Tripwire writes: 

The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) recently released Version 4 of the Twenty Critical Security Controls (here) as was determined by a consortium which included representatives from the NSA, US CERT, the DoD’s JTF-GNO and Cyber Crime Center, the DoE, the State Department, and some top commercial forensics experts and pen testers from the banking and critical infrastructure sectors.

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High street 2013: administration or rejuvenation?

20 Feb 2013

Pontus Noren, director and co-founder, Cloudreach writes: Since Woolworths stores disappeared from the physical high street in January 2009, the bricks and mortar retailers have been falling apart. More than 27,000 people were out of work when its 800 stores closed, consigning a century of trading to the history books. An alarming amount of traditional big names have sunk since: already this year we have seen Jessops, HMV and Blockbuster Video enter administration.

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Enterprise SaaS: Service and Support is Vital for Growth

19 Feb 2013

Orlando Scott-Cowey writes: Too many Enterprise SaaS and Cloud vendors focus their efforts on marketing and spinning a good story to attract new customers, rather than spending time or money looking after those customers once they have signed on. Once the ink is dry on the contract ongoing service and support seems to be an afterthought.

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IP management and the future of BYOD, Top tips on IPv6 for businesses

14 Feb 2013

Axel Pawlik, Managing Director, RIPE NCC explains how to make sure your business is ready for IPv6:

Making sure your business is connected to the whole Internet

Businesses today depend on the Internet. Whether it’s for advertising or websites, managing suppliers or communicating with customers, it’s inevitable that somewhere along the line there is a stakeholder using the Internet. But what if your business was walled-off from a section of Internet users, websites and services that is expected to grow rapidly over the coming years – would you even know?

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Creating the right kind of business apps for 2013

07 Feb 2013

Quinton Alsbury, Co-founder and President of Innovation at Roambi writes: We've all been there - squinting at a work application on a mobile device, zooming in and out in attempt to make sense of the information with an interface that feels like it’s leftover from another era. Each swipe or tap leads to a spinning icon while your device tries to download data from a non-existent mobile connection. Your frustration builds until eventually; you give up, put your phone or tablet away, and wait until the next time you’re at the office with your laptop.

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Postini Exit: Time to Choose

06 Feb 2013

Orlando Scott-Cowley writes: If you’re a Google Postini customer, or even an observer of the market, you’ll be well aware that Google has brought the curtain down on its Postini email services. To paraphrase Google, it’s “transitioning Postini services to the Google Apps platform beginning in 2013.”

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Red October - The Hunt for Data

01 Feb 2013

Tom Goren Bar, Data Security Researcher at Imperva writes: The recent discovery of the Red October malware has focused a lot on its effects, but inadequate attention has been given to its purpose - which successfully evaded anti-virus and network intrusion detection systems for at least five years.

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