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NYT Article: More digital media users mean more data centers (which affects the planet)

28 Sep 2012

Mark Harris writes: This past week an article was published by the New York Times which discussed the impacts of data centers upon the planet. It correctly pointed out that more converging digital age progress (like smartphones and tablets) begets more digital media users, which requires more information accessibility and more data center capacity. It goes on to say that this additional data center capacity consumes more energy, land and water and puts larger amounts of carbon in the air.

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I/O Control for Social Gaming: Taming Traffic Spikes with ioMemory

25 Sep 2012

Chris Rosenquist writes:Social gaming infrastructure has to support peak traffic times, and ideally must control the anticipated viral surge, an event where performance can make or break a game. But out-of-control server sprawl stretches personnel and budget resources to their limits. The best solution to this problem is technology that scales up performance easily without the significant scale out that conventional systems require.

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Red Hat's KVM Hypervisor Achieves Top Virtualization Performance Results with IBM

20 Sep 2012

Red Hat & IBM Performance Teams write: Red Hat is excited to announce today that the Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) hypervisor, which is incorporated in both Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, has again achieved top performance results. This latest performance mark was achieved on the IBM® System x3850 X5 host server with Qlogic® QLE 256x Host Bus Adapters, Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 6.3 hypervisor and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.3 guests. During testing by IBM, KVM demonstrated its ability to handle I/O rates at the storage performance levels required by enterprise workloads, with four guests handling more than 1.4 million I/Os per second (IOPS). The results are further proof that virtualized workloads can maintain consistent high performance as compared with baremetal deployments.

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State of the Data Center Survey Reveals Increasing IT Complexity

17 Sep 2012

Danny Milrad writes: Few people would disagree with the statement that our world is becoming more complex, and this is especially apparent in the data center. With new technology being rapidly adopted, from mobile devices to cloud computing, businesses are struggling to integrate new solutions that promise increased productivity and cost-savings, while managing ever-growing amounts of information. In order to assess how well organizations are dealing with these changes, we developed the 2012 State of the Data Center Survey.

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Apple’s New iPhone and its anticipated impact on the enterprise user

13 Sep 2012

Mervyn Kelly, Ciena, the network specialist writes: Amid much fanfare, Apple has launched the iPhone 5 and CIO’s must now expect to face a barrage of employees who will want to get their hands on Apple’s latest and greatest device. Key to its enterprise focus is its new 4G LTE connectivity option. In offering ultra-high-speed mobile connectivity, the iPhone 5 has all the capabilities required to allow users to not only surf the web more efficiently, but at a faster speed, something that in the enterprise environment should have a direct and positive impact on mobile work efficiency.

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Postini Becomes Post-ini

13 Sep 2012

Peter Bauer, CEO of Mimecast writes: You’ve probably heard about Google’s decision to decommission the Postini service as we know it. It plans to migrate all users to Google Apps-based email security within the next few months.

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Data Centres and connectivity – the fourth utility

03 Sep 2012

Chris Waters at Geo Networks writes: My previous two blog entries discussed the build or buy and power conundrums. Today I want to talk about ‘connectivity’ – the last component, and one which is often overlooked. Data centre operators and those thinking about building their own data centres might want to take note of this.

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