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Are you ready for the Olympics?

24 Jul 2012

Orlando Scott-Cowley writes: We are only days away from the London 2012 Olympics, and the everyday advice for Londoners is hitting its peak. Transport for London has told me to expect a “Major Impact to Travel” in an email earlier this week, reminding me in a fantastically understated way about “…the sporting events which will be held across London…” and how I should consider staying at home, or more precisely, working from home.

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Cloud Computing – Panacea or Problematic?

24 Jul 2012

Marcie Terman, Business Development Director at DataFort writes: Strategies that suggest running company servers from data centres (Cloud Computing) are not a new concept to businesses. But as time has gone on, this strategy has now become a viable alternative to SMEs, providing a number of attractive benefits. As a result, many companies are actively turning to cloud-based strategies rather than merely refreshing server hardware.

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Data Centres and the power question…green or not?

23 Jul 2012

Chris Walters writes: Sustainability and data centres – the two go together like cats and dogs, well at least in the past they did. Today’s data centre operators are redefining these standards. With big data and the adoption of cloud computing, businesses are increasingly taking up valuable space in today’s modern facilities and data centre operators are feeling the crunch when it comes to power consumption.

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Returning to Bletchley Park: A Journey Through Cryptography

18 Jul 2012

Blair Semple, CISSP-ISSEP, Director of Business Development writes: This week I am talking at a UK security event at Bletchley Park, a name and place that I am sure many, if not most of you, know about.

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Microsoft Moves to SaaS with Office 2013

17 Jul 2012

Barry Gill writes: Having been at Mimecast for many years championing the benefits of the Software as a Service model to customers, prospects and partners alike, I am well versed in the benefits that this model poses to organizations of every shape and size.

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KVM over IP is QWOP

10 Jul 2012

Robert Waldie writes: To keep your data center serving its users, out-of-band management for servers has always been necessary, and up until a few years ago a KVM over IP switch was often a necessary evil.

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Data Centres – to build or to buy, a network operator’s conundrum

09 Jul 2012

Chris Walters, Sales Director at Geo writes: Last week’s announcement by NTT Communication Corp. to acquire an 85% stake in UK data centre operator Gyron Internet Ltd. marks a more common occurrence in the traditional Telco space.

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