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It Is Official: Microsoft Acquires Yammer. What Does It Mean to the Industry and Moxie Software?

26 Jun 2012

Tom Kelly writes: In the past days, I’ve been asked by industry peers and the media to provide my thoughts around Microsoft’s acquisition of Yammer. Since the deal was formally announced today, I wanted to further elaborate on my views, providing additional insights about the impact of the acquisition to the industry and to Moxie Software.

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A La Carte: Criminals Charging Per Feature for Custom Webinjects

26 Jun 2012

Trusteer's Amit Klein writes: Over the past several months, Trusteer has written about the evolving underground market for webinjects. Our researchers recently discovered a new development -- criminals are now selling customized webinjects that are priced per feature. For example, one seller offers a webinject for Zeus/SpyEye that contains the automatic transfer system (ATS) that was reported by Trend Micro researchers last week.

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Say Goodbye To Data Center Downtime

22 Jun 2012

James Young at CommScope writes: There’s a quiet revolution going on in your data center. Labeled Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM), it represents what can be achieved when IT and dataf center facilities functions converge. Properly done, DCIM can take energy efficiency to the next level, optimize physical equipment layouts, improve strategic planning and enhance resource availability.

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LinkedIn and eHarmony: a lesson in online identity via email

18 Jun 2012

Orlando Scott-Cowley writes: Late last year I wrote about how important an email address is, and suggested that your email address is really part of your identity. That post seems more relevant today than when I wrote it, as this week we learn that both LinkedIn and eHarmony have had user credentials stolen.

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Why code signing matters

08 Jun 2012

Mark Knight, Director, Product Management at Thales e-Security writes: 

Code signing has been a popular topic over the last fortnight.

  • Yahoo was quick to patch an embarrassing key management error with the signing key used in their new Axis browser extension for Chrome that was discovered by Security blogger Nik Cubrilovic [1].
  • Microsoft has published [2] a security advisory revoking trust in a number of digital certificates that may have been abused to sign parts of the recently discovered “Flame” malware.
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Skyscanner Sends Microsoft SQL Server Search Performance Soaring

01 Jun 2012

Charlie Holmberg writes: Travel search site Skyscanner helps hundreds of thousands of people find the best deals on flights every day. It provides instant comparisons of flight prices on millions of flights, as well as on cars and hotels.

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