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Archive for December 2012

Data Wiping: A New Trend in Cyber Sabotage?

19 Dec 2012

Rob Rachwald & Tal Be'ery write: Yesterday, the Iranian CERT made an announcement about a new piece of malware that was designed to corrupt data. This malware joins the list of data corruption malware discovered in April, November and December 2012 – Wiper, Narilam and now GrooveMonitor respectively.

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The top 5 Internet challenges for enterprises in 2013:

12 Dec 2012

Karl Barton, VP Sales of EMEA at Exinda writes: IT departments have a lot on their minds as they consider their requirements – and their budget -- for the coming year. As 2013 draws closer, one of the most pressing questions enterprises face is how to deal with the continued rise in both strategic and recreational Internet traffic as more and more high-bandwidth applications and P2P traffic cross the network.

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To save on tape or disk, that is the question…

05 Dec 2012

Luc Gheysen, VP and General Manager, Imation Europe writes: Today’s small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are faced with two major challenges: cost and storage scalability. Unlike their larger counterparts, SMBs do not have access to the same IT resources and yet like any business, they still need to manage their own data and abide to regulatory compliance.

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