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SaaSID is shortlisted as a Cloud Trailblazer and Security Trailblazer

30 Nov 2012

Ed Macnair, CEO of SaaSID writes: After many years of running businesses I know that there is a tipping point in every young company’s life when its idea suddenly catches on. After pitching to investors and prospects and setting up proofs of concept, things suddenly come together and you get that first big customer signed up, a major investor comes on board and people start sitting up and taking notice. Success breeds success.

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What good is a snapshot in a continuously changing malware landscape?

27 Nov 2012

Leon Ward, UK Field Product Manager, Sourcefire writes: In my last article I wrote that advanced malware and targeted attacks are profoundly changing how we must protect our systems. It’s no longer enough to focus on visibility and blocking at the point of entry in order to protect systems. Attacks today have reached a new level of sophistication and outbreaks are inevitable. Like the infamous bank robber, Willie Sutton, who disguised himself as a mailman, a maintenance man, even a police officer to gain entry to targeted financial institutions and eluded captors for decades, modern malware can disguise itself as a legitimate application to evade defences. Later, when a breach occurs, you don’t know what you’re looking for. To contain and stop the damage, you need a broader approach to IT security that enables continuous visibility and control. Because once you “see it,” then you can “control it” and “protect it.”

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Nominations Needed for a Data Center Hall of Fame

22 Nov 2012

Kevin Heslin from RF Code writes: 

It’s a question of leadership

I’m just back from the 7x24Exchange Fall meeting in Arizona, and I’ll admit to being very impressed by the program the organization put together. I found almost all the sessions to be very strong and right on target for the assembled group. I hope the survey results confirm my finding. Attendance was also very good, even considering that a number of familiar faces stayed east to deal with the aftermath of the superstorm. Still I find myself more concerned over the people and companies not in attendance: the companies and people who never attend 7x24Exchange events—or the events put together by AFCOM, DatacenterDynamics, Gartner, 451Research, or anyone else.

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Is it time to drop Dropbox?

14 Nov 2012

Mark Butcher, Commercial Director at Proact writes: The recent Dropbox security fiasco made it abundantly clear that businesses must be aware of potential security threats when employees are sharing files. In the case of Dropbox, hackers were able to access users’ accounts by simply stealing their usernames and passwords from other websites, and then using them to log into the service.

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Your Money or Your Life?

14 Nov 2012

Tom Newton at Smoothwall writes: Such was the typical refrain of the 18th century Highwayman on stopping a stagecoach full of wealthy but ill-prepared travelers. We'd like to think we don't have to make that choice today, but information superhighwaymen (I can't believe I just wrote that) are asking us to do so, and more surprisingly, we consistently make the wrong choice.

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Welcome to the Era of Software Networking

05 Nov 2012

Ken Cheng at Brocade writes: Software defined networking is a disruptive technology that is creating an opportunity for Brocade to gain ground in important customer segments such as large enterprises, service providers, data center hosting providers, and cloud computing providers. Brocade has been pursuing this opportunity with an aggressive R&D roadmap that has already resulted in a number of innovation breakthroughs. For example, we were the first networking company to introduce support for OpenFlow technology at 100 Gigabit Ethernet performance and true “hybrid mode” support for OpenFlow that enables our customers to run this SDN technology concurrently over their production IP networks.

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SaaSID selected as G-Cloud ii supplier

02 Nov 2012

Ed Macnair, CEO of SaaSID writes: “On 26th October we were delighted to announce that SaaSID has been selected as a Specialist Cloud Service supplier to G-Cloud.  This means that SaaSID Cloud Application Manager has been added to the UK government’s CloudStore and will be available to local and central government departments that are seeking a means of controlling and auditing the use of web applications.

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Data Centre Solutions Diary Blog # 2: Staying Cool

01 Nov 2012

Dominic Philips, Managing Director, Datum writes: 

It’s not easy staying cool, especially when you are running a datacentre. All that heat being generated by the IT needs to be dissipated somehow, and the traditional approach of throwing air conditioning units at the problem is becoming less acceptable for a future proofed datacentre. CRC’s, or whatever format the next carbon tax comes in, add extra costs to profligate users of energy not to mention the demands of Clients Compliance teams and indeed the Marketing and PR departments, keen to avoid being seen to be an irresponsible user of precious power.

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