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How a Permissions Report Could Have Plugged the Hole in New Zealand’s Leaky Servers

18 Oct 2012

Rob Sobers, Technical Manager from Varonis writes: Earlier this week, Keith Ng blogged about a massive security hole in the New Zealand Ministry of Social Development’s (MSD) network.  He was able to walk up to a public kiosk in the Work and Income office and—without cracking a password or planting a Trojan—immediately gain access to thousands upon thousands of  sensitive files.

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SaaSID Executive Briefing

11 Oct 2012

Ed Macnair, CEO of SaaSID writes: On Tuesday 25th September, we held our inaugural Executive Briefing, to introduce SaaSID and our new product, Cloud Application Manager, to CISOs and CIOs from some of the largest organisations in the UK.

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Data Centre Solutions Diary Blog # 1: A datacentre is born

10 Oct 2012

By Dominic Philips, Managing Director, Datum, writes: In this new series of blogs, we will take you on a virtual tour which we hope will provide some insight into the challenges we face in building both a new datacentre and a new business, and entering what some might say is already a crowded market. We will also try to demonstrate along the way how we hope to take advantage of new technologies and well as tried and tested ones.  

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