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PIM Happens – Why, What, When?

31 Jan 2012

James Donovan writes: For wireless cellular networks to achieve their full operating potential, each sector within the network must perform up to its design standard. When this does not occur, the economic impact to the service provider can be substantial:

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More to Storage Efficiency than Capacity

30 Jan 2012

Hu Yoshida writes: In response to my last blog, Jon Toigo was kind enough to post a training piece that he wrote last year, reminding us that capacity is only one part of storage efficiency.

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The Native App: Still a Firm Favourite with the Consumer

23 Jan 2012

Tony Speakman, Director of Filemaker, Northern Region writes: 

The best way to build an app has been the subject of fierce and intriguing debate. Professional and popular opinion is split into two main camps: those who favour ‘native’ and those who advocate ‘web based’ apps. The difference is relatively simple: the native app is built for a mobile platform, whereas a web application can be used on a variety of different machines and hardware via an internet browser.

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Vint Cerf is Too Modest; Internet Access is a Human Right

16 Jan 2012

Nathaniel Borenstein, Chief Scientist at Mimecast writes: In his January 4 op-ed piece, Vint Cerf argued that Internet access is not a human right. While I consider Vint a friend and have tremendous respect for his achievements, I think he’s wrong in this case. Perhaps out of modesty, the man often called the “father of the Internet” is undervaluing the global network he played such an important role in developing. I fear his underestimation may be as fundamental and consequential as his belief, 30 years ago, that 4 billion Internet addresses would be sufficient — another of the rare times I disagreed with him. I believe that in the future, the Internet will be nearly as fundmental to civilized human life as food, clothing, and shelter. 

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Safer digital identities in 2012?

13 Jan 2012

Mark Knight, Director of Product Management at Thales e-Security writes: Sometimes it takes a very public breach for the shockwaves to force an industry to tighten up security. I welcome the news that the Certificate Authority (CA) industry body that initially specified the standard for Extended Validation (EV) certificates has now published requirements (or standards of due care), for the issuance of publically trusted certificates. Certificate authorities that have signed up to the new requirements have 6 months to comply.

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BYOD is the challenge of the decade

11 Jan 2012

Simon Wilcox, Head of Marketing Operations at web filtering and security technology specialistSmoothwall writes: Whilst instant internet access at home, work or even in coffee shops and on trains is something most people now take for granted, for many network managers the growing popularity of smart phones, tablets and other portable devices is causing a major headache. 

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Certified Ethical Hacker's analysis of "Anonymous" breach of Strategic Forecasting Inc

10 Jan 2012

Graeme Batsman, Director of Data Defender writes: Months have passed from the last major story relating to Anonymous and LulzSec. It seems they are back with their “robin hood” tendencies. They say their “goal was to use the credit data to take a million dollars and give the money away as Christmas donations”, from the target for this was Strategic Forecasting Inc which is an intelligence think tank with around 70 staff based in Austin, Texas, USA, which has clients from Apple, The U.S. Army, the U.S. Air Force and the Miami Police Department. As you can tell, this is serious stuff.

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SSD: Imagine The Possibilities

10 Jan 2012

Scott Hansen Enterprise Sales Manager at WhiptailTech writes: How much of your storage environment is performance based versus capacity based? How many times do you hear, “I have an application only three terabytes in size but I need 90K in I/O at its peak?” If you haven’t, be grateful. But be warned, it’s coming.

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How to Stop SQL Injection

05 Jan 2012

Rob Rachwald, Director of Security Strategy at Imperva writes: On the very last day of 2011, SANS published a story about automated SQL injection attacks affecting 1M plus websites.  What will be different with SQL injection in 2012?  Nothing.  Perhaps more, perhaps some new attack tools.  But otherwise, it is "meet the new boss, same as the old boss."

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