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Need Help Managing Offices In A Changing Environment?

25 May 2011

James Donovan writes: Probably the most certain feature of networks in the office is uncertainty. Although the acceleration of developments in networking is not set to decline, it is possible to prepare for future networking trends and their impact of businesses in general, and upon offices in particular.

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Don't Abandon Your Purpose-Built Network Solutions Just Yet...

20 May 2011

Karl Triebes writes: Imagine taking your car to the shop for major repairs and finding that the mechanic uses just one tool for everything, from changing a flat tire to replacing your transmission. He explains that he doesn't need all those expensive, special-purpose tools anymore now that he's found this one, All-Powerful Tool.

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Verizon weighs in on Visa’s Mobile Acceptance Best Practices

20 May 2011

David Tran and Jen Mack write: Verizon has reviewed Visa’s Mobile Acceptance Best Practices - and we want to add our voice in support of this important first step in addressing the rapidly evolving mobile payment landscape.

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Being Open about Virtualization and Cloud Interoperability

04 May 2011

Byline: Dave Stevens, CTO and Ken Cheng, Vice President of Service Provider Products, Brocade

At Brocade Tech Day last year in New York, we described virtual machines, or VMs, as the “new atomic unit of work” in IT for both service provider and enterprise customers. This concept is based on the fact that VMs allow applications to be encapsulated and detached from the underlying infrastructure and are portable, combinable and manageable as separate entities. For this vision to be fulfilled, we believe that the IT industry needs to agree upon standards and interoperability mechanisms that facilitate the fluid movement of VMs between public and private cloud infrastructures, regardless of the technology or the provider.

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Avoiding the rush hour: Application Performance Management is essential to IT Consolidation projects

03 May 2011

Nigel Pink writes: As a result of acquisitions multinational enterprises often have a plethora of different IT systems. Data centre and server consolidation simplifies complex IT infrastructure and reduces IT costs but increases complexity when delivering applications

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