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Structured Network Infrastructure – Enabling Converged Technologies

19 Apr 2011

James Donovan writes: The converging of technology presents numerous challenges to managers of network infrastructures. No longer do managers only have to worry about voice and data; they must now be well versed in the installation and support of integrated voice, data, video and a variety of building management products. Industry trends moving toward IP-based networks will result in significant new demands on IT managers and their network infrastructures.

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SaaS and the Channel- What is happening? Part #2

14 Apr 2011

Justin Pirie writes: In my first post Anders and I looked at how Cloud is changing the traditional IT supply chain and discussed some of the transformation that needs to take place.

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At the heart of government

11 Apr 2011

Breda O'Shea writes: The cloud is making waves of that you can be sure. And you certainly know it is making an impact at every level of the economy when you are called to give evidence to Parliament on its impact and potential.

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Protect Against Copper Theft With Aluminum Cables

01 Apr 2011

Mike Schaefer writes: Do an online search for “copper theft,” and you will find numerous stories about the daring and destructive theft of cell site RFcable lines, power cables and rooftop air conditioning coils. You’ll also see gruesome stories about desperate souls who have died or been seriously injured in their search for today’s “orange gold.” Copper theft is a $1 billion a year problem in America, and could be 10 times that amount globally. Our wireless customers are some of the hardest hit.

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