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Archive for October 2011

More Bandwidth!

24 Oct 2011

Rick Aspan writes: Use the word “bandwidth” around CommScope folks, and you’re sure to see grins appear.  Bandwidth is our specialty, it’s what we enable and we have a pretty impressive record at supporting our customers in addressing the ever-growing need for it.

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Six golden rules for secure authentication

17 Oct 2011

Alan Davies,Vice President of ActivIdentity EMEA writes: 

There are thousands and thousands of passwords written down on yellow post-it notes stuck to computer monitors. This is a nightmare for any security administrator whose job is to protect valuable data. Against a background of growing risks, access to networks must be protected using multi-layered security measures. Experts at ActivIdentity£part of HID Global, one of the world’s leading providers of identity assurance products and services, have put together six requirements for ensuring secure access to corporate networks.

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JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform (ESB) and JBoss Enterprise BRMS Help Build the Intelligent, Integrated Mortgage Business

13 Oct 2011

Pierre Fricke, product line management director, JBoss middleware group, Red Hat, writes:

One of the most notable boom/bust cycles has been playing out over the last decade. Expected to take the next 10 years, the real estate boom and bust offers lessons and opportunities for financial services and most any industry with respect to business processes, due diligence, intelligence about customers and partners, and IT automation.

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Optimising Datacentre operations through application performance management

10 Oct 2011

Kevin Gunner, Senior Consultant at C&C Technology Consulting writes: As companies work through mergers or divestments, this often leads to datacentres being consolidated. Adopting an application or service-centric led strategy is key to successful consolidation programmes.

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Need Help Justifying That Infrastructure Upgrade?

06 Oct 2011

James Donovan writes: I often get asked by customers, partners and fellow employees: ‘How do we justify the expense of an infrastructure to the powers that be who control the purse strings?’

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Apple iPhone4s - Comment from Ciena

05 Oct 2011

Mervyn Kelly, EMEA marketing director at Ciena writes: 

The launch of the iPhone 4S is great news for consumers and Apple lovers and brings the promise of an enhanced customer experience and exciting new video applications. As usual, the early reviews highlight the device’s superior capabilities and features and overlook an important aspect: the impact of the iPhone 4S on the network. Consumers’ hunger for bandwidth continues to grow as mobile HD video, social networking and other robust applications are becoming part of a new life style – and that is exactly the market Apple’s new device was designed to address. The recent launch of Amazon’s Kindle Fire plays to a similar market, another in a long line of devices that have the potential to radically alter the way in which digital content is consumed.

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Insuring Against Business Failure

04 Oct 2011

Marcie Terman, Business Development Director at DataFort writes: 

How much is ‘business as usual’ worth to an organisation? 

These days it usually means communicating with your customers and suppliers. Easy really. All you need are your email systems and data servers and you are operational.

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