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Security conferences: Why go?

27 Jan 2011

Bill Brenner writes: For the last couple years, the RSA security conference has been later than usual. In 2009 it was in mid April, which was fantastic.

Last year it was March. Not as good, but still better than mid-February, when San Francisco is usually rainy and cold -- and snowstorms foul up the travel schedule.

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Bandwidth Usage for KX II HD 1080p Resolution?

24 Jan 2011

Richard Dominach writes: A customer recently asked how much bandwidth the Dominion KX II KVM-over-IP access uses, specifically for the full HD (1920×1080) resolution.  This is a common user question.  The answer is as follows.

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What was of most interest in storage economics in 2010?

10 Jan 2011

David Merril writes: I’m always interested in the trends in storage economics and in identifying them, take into account as many sources of information as possible, especially among our customers.  Sharing these trends with you on this blog is an important focus, so it’s interesting to consider what generated the most interest over the past year.

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The importance of thin provisioning in Data Protection

10 Jan 2011

Bobby Crouch writes: Thin Provisioning is a fairly well known concept in the storage marketplace; provisioning a logical volume larger than the physical capacity actually accessible by the application or server ( ).  Most storage array vendors offer thin provisioning on some or all their systems.  Many charge a premium for this feature as the gains in efficiency, CapEx and TCO are obvious.

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Mobile Users Three Times More Vulnerable to Phishing Attacks

04 Jan 2011

Mickey Boodaei, Trusteer CEO writes: We recently gained access to the log files of several web servers that were hosting phishing websites. Analyzing these log files was an interesting exercise. Specifically, they provided visibility into how many users accessed the websites, when they visited them, whether they submitted their login information and what devices they used to access the website.

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