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Archive for September 2010

Affordable Cloud DR is Here

15 Sep 2010

Jeff Echols writes: While many CommVault users have been interested in cloud storage as a low-cost, long term repository for backup & archive data, the more interesting topic is what can be done to the data once it gets to the cloud. By far, the most frequent user request centers on disaster recovery (DR). This week, CommVault and Rackspace announced 'Cloud DR', an affordable solution that combines enterprise class data management software with on-demand cloud infrastructure.

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Fiber in the Sky

10 Sep 2010

Joel Mulkey - CIO - Freewire Broadband writes: Ever try guaranteeing reliable broadband services using radio waves? It’s not easy but that’s how we beat out the LECshere in Portland, Oregon. We create a secure, robust, high-speed Ethernet backbone in the sky using cutting-edge technology.

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10 Sep 2010

Jim Damoulakis, GlassHouse CTO writes: One of the lingering concerns about cloud computing is determining when it does or doesn’t make economic sense. There is certainly a crossover point at which either the requirements of scale or level of service are such that the cost of the cloud exceeds that of a more traditional approach. However, determining where that point lies and the specific drivers that influence it, has been a subject of much debate.

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