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Cost Recovery and Cost Transparency in the Virtual World

28 Jul 2010

Paul Martin from the Vizioncore blog writes:

Chargeback in the days of exclusively physical infrastructure was so much simpler wasn’t it? You bought what someone needed, put an asset tag on it and slapped them with an invoice. Well, maybe or maybe not. Chargeback, even in those environments (and those environments still exist), had it’s challenges. It’s just back then nobody really used chargeback as much as people want to use it today with virtual environments. Today, virtualization really means you can very effectively and securely share infrastructure, but you need the right tools to figure out how much of what resources are being used and by whom. This is in addition to understanding where the costs lie inside the environment.

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Social Media: Can’t Live With it, Can’t Live Without It.

16 Jul 2010

Kevin Haley from Symantec writes:

Despite threats, companies lack policies on social media at work

Nothing has happened to change the mind of IT management in the last several years; social networks remain a major security concern. What has changed is that social media has become more established, and the ability for IT management to block access to social media is less and less likely. According to some survey work we did, there is only a 1 in 20 chance of your company blocking access to social networking sites.

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How desktop technology drives data centres

16 Jul 2010

Christian Paetz form Raritan writes:

One would assume that data centers are a place where high tech gets introduced and the mass PC market is a followers market. However there are plenty of examples where it is just the other way around. For years the processor market was driven by the battle between Intel and AMD this battle was fought where the volume was and is – consumer PCs. Another good example is the keyboard interface. Servers still used PS/2 when it was already hard to get a non-USB keyboard for consumer PCs. Also the good old VGA interface has only survived in the metal rack cabinets of data centers and data rooms.

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And so, it begins …

09 Jul 2010

The announcement that EMC is to acquire Greenplum is not altogether a surprise—it was always a possibility that EMC might decide to move into the data warehousing space for itself, given the number of its existing partners in that space—if it chose to do so the main question was who it would choose to acquire. Now we know the answer.

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How the Cloud Changed World's Oldest Newspaper

07 Jul 2010

Bernard Golden writes:

Recently I was in London, speaking at the Cloud Computing World Forum. From my perspective, it was an ideal event: large enough to have a critical mass of interesting vendors and attendees, and small enough to support quality conversation. If you've been to any of the large U.S. cloud shows, you'll know how hard it is to accomplish the latter quality at them - they're packed and conversations are reduced to sound bites. Of course, the conference being located in Britain, there was less tolerance for over-the-top claims and marketing hype, which was also a refreshing relief.

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Storage Optimisation Part 2

06 Jul 2010

The second part of Philip Howard's article on Storage Optimisation.

This is the second of two articles about storage optimisation. In the first I discussed how an optimal solution would be one based around discovering (at a detailed level) all of your SAN infrastructure resources (servers, disks and so on) in real-time to create a consolidated view of the entire environment. Then for the solution to take that awareness, combine it with any specific, unique policy or other restrictions that might be in place, and to apply business intelligence principles to the problem of how you might optimise those resources. As a result of this analysis you would like the software to recommend potential solutions, allowing you to choose which one you prefer and, once that determination has been made, for the software to implement relevant changes (actually prepare the storage for migration and then to perform the data migration) for you automatically.

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