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Everything Old is New Again, or DCaaS (Dead Cat as a Service)

30 Jun 2010

Roger Klorese writes:

(When I'm at a loss for a quick breezy title of my own to sum up the subject at hand, I resort to song or album titles. Thanks this time to the late Peter Allen – I considered Leonard Cohen's "New Skin for the Old Ceremony" instead, but, on the one hand, it might be too obscure... still, on the other, it's Leonard Cohen! But to the point...)

You can't swing a dead cat these days without hitting a pundit talking about cloud computing. (For that matter, there's probably an online service that will rent you a virtual dead cat to swing for $0.07 an hour, and market it as Dead Cat as a Service, or DCaaS.)

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Storage optimisation

28 Jun 2010

Philip Howard writes:

This is the first of two articles about storage optimisation. In this article I will discuss what the issue is and in the second I will consider how vendors are (or, mostly, are not) addressing the real problems that users are facing.

Take a simple scenario in which you have three applications running against three separate databases, each of which has its own 1Tb disk. Suppose further that the databases require 700Gb, 150Gb and 600Gb respectively. The 150Gb database used to be a lot bigger but you’ve recently introduced an archival product that has allowed you to significantly reduce its space requirements. It isn’t hard to see that you could move that application to one of the other two disks and so free up one of the disks for some other purpose.

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Assessing Risk in the Virtual Data Center

28 Jun 2010

Brian Gracely from Cisco writes:

Having lived through both the Internet bubble in 2001 and the Housing/CDO bubble in 2008, we’re all too familiar with what happens when large inter-connected entities start having problems. It can often be like watching dominos fall. Things were really great when the systems appeared to be working according to the plan, but then “the plan” got sidetracked and bad things started happening that weren’t on the radar.

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Simplify, but lose control... not in my data center!!!

24 Jun 2010

Charlie Leeming writes:

In my last post, I talked about how we all – in our personal, and for those of us in technology, our professional lives – are trying to simplify and do more with less. This all sounds good in a data center unless it increases risk and/or lessens our actual visibility for control over our data and applications. We all get great offers and PowerPoint slides about how vendors A, B and C can easily simplify our data center and consolidate tier 1 and tier 2 applications down to virtualized servers.... but often, I am left wondering several things: Have these vendors done this before? Will they be around to support it? Will it really be cheaper when I calculate the OpEx required to manage all those virtual server sessions I can no longer see and touch?

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Digging for Data

23 Jun 2010

Chris Sweetapple writes:

I’ve recently been introduced to the idea of ‘search styles’. Despite using Google or other search engines almost every day of our lives, it seems – if they’re anything like me – that most of us don’t really think about how we search for information. It seems natural: you log on, you type in the name of the theme park you’re going to at the weekend, and after a few clicks, you’ve managed to find the directions you were after.

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Understanding the Resources of "The Cloud" within IT

21 Jun 2010

Scott M Herold writes:

I have just returned from a great week meeting customers and partners across Germany. This was my third trip to Europe this quarter. During this time, I've had a chance to visit customers and partners across UK, Denmark, Netherlands, and Germany. One thing remains abundantly clear, people still don't seem to understand "The Cloud". This is globally across both the US and Europe, so I'm definitely not singling out one region over the other. I'm of the opinion of "Who can blame them?" The marketing behind "The Cloud" is absolutely hideous. Everyone and their mother (seriously, my mom actually asked me about "The Cloud") is using the term to describe everything from Facebook to "Look, my application has a web console so it's in the cloud".

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vFoglight QuickView: Functionality Worth Noting - Don’t Take it From Me!

10 Jun 2010

Ben Scheerer writes:

Wow, the response has been tremendous, it’s only been a week since the announcement of vFoglight QuickView and downloads have already been in the quadruple digits! The responses have been so positive we are confident that QuickView provides the right solutions for the right level of requirements.

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Paradigm Shift - TWIS#27- Google I/O coverage in depth

02 Jun 2010

  • Google I/O news- Google TV- is TV going to be the next cloud battleground and opportunity?
  • Google announces “enterprise” partnership with VMware- fails to put enterprise ready SLA’s into the mix but extends PaaS options
  • Google tries it’s hand at solving the perennial SaaS distribution problem- announcing the Chrome Web Store
  • Android in numbers- it’s growing FAST
  • Google launches S3 Competitor- Google Storage for Developers
  • Evernote continues to showcase their numbers and make the case for Freemium- new Video
  • API festival at Gluecon! How people are solving the problem of Glueing SaaS and Cloud together
  • But customers aren’t thinking about Glue says Information Week research…
  • Sinclair Schuller on Cloud Architecture
  • Reuven Cohen on the coming of Clouds from a historical hosting perspective
  • Bessemer CEO conference coverage- Great Design and User eXperience essential
  • In other news, Microsoft, Salesforce, Ray Wang, Xobni and Banks in the Cloud.
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The £60 billion question

01 Jun 2010

Jim Mortleman writes:

The $6.25 billion of public-sector cuts announced on 24th May by the Chancellor George Osborne and Chief Secretary to the Treasury David Laws included $95 million of IT savings, but the pain doesn't stop there.

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