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Twittering Botnet Says Hello!

25 May 2010

Peter Coogan from Symantec writes:

A recent blog from our colleagues at Sunbelt highlighted a new Trojan botnet creator tool called "TwitterNet Builder." Symantec has detection in place for this threat as Trojan.Twebot. As the name suggests, the builder is closely linked to Twitter, using a Twitter account to issue command-and-control instructions to the Trojans created by the builder.

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Technical scribblings RE Harmonizing Global Metrics for Data Center Energy Efficiency

24 May 2010

John Stanley form NPlusOneIT wrties:

A couple of weeks ago, several industry and government groups from the US, Europe, and Japan announced that they had come to some basic agreements on “the guiding principles of data center energy efficiency metrics.” There are some very encouraging technical aspects to what was decided, which I’ll describe in this post.

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Will Symantec discover Internet Identity with VeriSign acquisition?

20 May 2010

Avivah Litan from Gartner writes:

Symantec finally confirmed its rumored purchase of VeriSign’s security business for a whopping $1.28 billion. (Kudos to Verisign for getting such a high price from Symantec!).

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Four Disaster Recovery Options for Virtualized Environments

19 May 2010

Robin Howard at Double Take writes:

Virtualization is great for saving money and resources, but if you lose a virtual server you have larger bigger problems than if you had just lost a single server. While no company wants to put their business at risk by under-protecting their VMs, nobody likes to spend more than they have to on non-productive expenditures like insurance.

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Talking the Cloud Talk, Walking the iPhone Walk

13 May 2010

John Pescatore from Gartner writes:

I spent a day last week in St. Louis with several Gartner enterprise clients, and then yesterday I spent the morning with a Gartner federal government clients in Charleston, SC. Pretty much everywhere we started out talking about what they need to think through about security issues around future use of public cloud computing services, but almost invariably ended up spending much more time about how to deal with the here and now of managers and users demanding to use iPhones and iPads and Android phones.

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Stock Market Roller Coasters and “Random Acts of Preparation”

07 May 2010

John Pescatore from Gartner writes:

Yesterday I sneezed and Accenture lost 99% of its market capitalization. I spit out my coffee in surprise and the stock went back up from $.01 to $40.00, so I looked at Gartner’s stock and spit out more coffee – but Gartner’s stock just sat there. Turns out it wasn’t me – looks like what sent the stock market on its roller coaster ride was some human error was magnified by the power of software.

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A Virus Is Coming! Tell All Your Friends!

04 May 2010

John McDonald from Symantec writes: Email hoaxes are nothing new, dating back at least as far as 1994 with what is widely believed to have been the first email hoax—referred to as the "Goodtimes virus" or the "Goodtimes virus hoax" after the subject of the email.

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