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Barracuda Web Application Firewall: Power of Extended Match

30 Apr 2010

The Barracude Networks Product Management Team write:

The Barracuda Web Application Firewall features a flexible rule-matching engine which gives administrators the flexibility to create rules for handling and manipulating traffic.

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So just what is the business case for 50 Gbps NetScaler MPX models?

27 Apr 2010

John Gudmundson from Citrix writes:

Until now organizations that needed very high throughput were forced to undertake costly network segmentation with added networking gear and IT administration expenses. Ensuring proper stateful flows was a royal pain. The new ultra high-end NetScaler MPX 17500, 19500, and 21500 appliances overcome these issues and are critical to cloud computing with shared services, service providers and large enterprises with their high capacity datacenter needs.

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Helping Your Network Through Growing Pains

27 Apr 2010

Uli Plechschmidt from Brocade writes:

We all want more... of everything. Customers always want more and rightly so – it’s what keeps vendors on their toes and drives them to innovate and deliver excellent service. However, sometimes these demands place extreme pressure on resources, sometimes even to deliver more than is physically possible. I am a firm believer in the old adage that, “anything is possible”, but it seems that this mantra is not applicable to the modern network infrastructure in many organisations.

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Eyjafjallajokull – a taste of things to come and a green ICT opportunity

20 Apr 2010

Pete Foster from The Green IT Review writes:

As you may know, the snappily-named Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland is erupting. I know because I’m in the UK and the ash being thrown up by the volcano has drifted into our air space shutting down all flights in and out of the UK. (Much of mainland Europe is also affected).

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My Head in the Clouds: Why Less Is More

16 Apr 2010

Max Riggsbee from Brocade writes...

In March, a nor'easter came roaring up the U.S. East Coast knocking down trees, taking out power and forcing many residents in NY, NJ and CT to boil their drinking water. When the power went out in my home around six pm, the backup power unit kicked in to keep the cable modem alive, the laptops shifted from AC to internal batteries and the Internet died.

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Debut Cloudhackers Cloud Demo Hack Day

08 Apr 2010

jclouds project founder Adrian Cole (see his video talking about the benefits of using Cargo to automate app deployment to vCloud Express) updates us on recent cloud discussions that we want to share with our vCloud blog fans.

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It's (still) not just about bandwidth

06 Apr 2010

Mark Lewis from Riverbed writes:

It’s interesting to see how much has changed in the WAN (Wide Area Network) optimisation space over the last half a decade or more, yet some things haven’t changed much. Five years ago I recall a white paper had been written on the subject titled, “It’s not just about bandwidth”. At the time bandwidth reduction was a great story and the management reports within Steelhead were great at sharing how much bandwidth had been saved, but although some organisations were able to justify the business case on bandwidth alone many struggled. Saving bandwidth which gives rise to potential cost savings or as in most cases, defers bandwidth upgrades, is only part of the story and for most, a small part of the story. The real deal only happens as we speed up data across the WAN through either optimising the transport layer or better still accelerating the applications.

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