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Will Google be your next ISP, Telco or Internet?

29 Mar 2010

Pete Gerr from HDS writes:

While Google has been making headlines on dry land from its challenges in China, the company’s investment in a $300 million ultra-highspeed fiber optic link to Japan is nearly ready to begin paying dividends

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thedatachain of thought2

24 Mar 2010

"The notion that a single converged data center network makes for fewer switches and ports, resulting in a simpler network consuming less power and cooling, is flawed, according to Gartner, Inc. Gartner research shows that a converged data center network requires more switches and ports, is more complex to manage and consumes more power and cooling than two well-designed separate networks."

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Cisco Unified Computing System and Intel Xeon 5600 achieve record-breaking performances

22 Mar 2010

by Harris Sussman, Cisco Data Center Solutions - Unified Computing System

Opinions vary widely as to the criticality of computing benchmarks, but most people agree they are required, and an important data point. One month ago, I already shared with you the importance of reviewing data for virtualization .
Today, Cisco announced some breakthrough results based on industry standard benchmarks for virtualized environments as well as other key data center applications.

Cisco continues to prove it’s Unified Computing System is not only an architectural game changer, but it’s wide adoption and consistent performance are impressing folks like Boyd Davis, General Manager, Data Center Marketing, Intel who said “It’s quite an achievement for Cisco to have scored so high on so many of the industry benchmarking tests”

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thedatachain of thought

11 Mar 2010

The 'soft' launch of thedatachain continues to go well - with several key content partners on board, and more in the pipeline. Our intention is to use video as the primary delivery mechanism - short, sharp, incisive comment from vendors, analysts and end users as we visit the many data centre, virtualisation and cloud events out there. This content is backed up by vendors own video content, plus the site's strong news focus, articles and, over time, a valuable information source on buzz topics.

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3 Reasons Why Channel Partners Should Include Virtual Appliances in Their Business Model

09 Mar 2010

Sai Allarvarpu from Citrix writes:

Last week, when we launched Access Gateway VPX and Branch Repeater VPX, I blogged about the feedback customers gave us. In this blog, I want to discuss the feedback from channel partners from a few focus groups and meetings over the past few quarters.
Traditionally, vendors talk about competitive dynamics when discussing customers. That is normal because new product launches often don't fundamentally change partners' practices of or decisions about any given vendor. Such product launches don't really sway the partners to favor one product over others or switch from one vendor to another.

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Network automation: Key to differentiation and profitability

05 Mar 2010

Michael Ritter from ADVA Optical writes:

The goal is clear - increase process speed, reliability, and control so you can provide better customer service, increase productivity, and capitalize on new revenue opportunities. To achieve this goal, service providers need to streamline their key business processes that drive value for customers. They need to optimize, automate, and transform these processes to a more service-centric approach in order to separate the organization from the competition.

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