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European Interoperability Framework Supports Open Source

20 Dec 2010

Mark Bohannon from RedHat writes: Recognizing the innovative role of open source and open standards in innovation, the European Commission released yesterday its long-awaited “European Interoperability Framework.” 

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Paradigm Shift: Changing Times in the Channel

15 Dec 2010

Justin Pirie writes: I’m on my way this morning to speak at the IAMCP UK Member meeting at Microsoft London. That’s the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners to you and me. The people who actually deliver Microsoft solutions to customers and handle 95% of Microsoft Revenue.

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The Scale Out Game

10 Dec 2010

Bridget Warwick, Senior Vice President, Marketing writes: Steve Foskett recently wrote about the commoditization of hardware when it comes to storage…or servers for that matter…but the post was focused on storage. The point was made that going forward, all differentiation between vendors was going to be focused on software. A couple of folks argued against that point, Ray Lucchesi and Shmuel Shottan both talked about innovation not being restricted to software. Perhaps the most compelling point for storage vendors to take from all of this is that ultimately it’s the customer who decides what product/technology best addresses their pain point and votes with their wallet. If a vendor can address a pain point sufficiently well at a lower price than the competition then that vendor is going to win the price war, if not also the market share (since it’s not always the lowest price that wins the day).

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Mobile bandwidth crunch: fact or fiction?

08 Dec 2010

Gareth Spence writes: One of the fascinating aspects of working in the tech sector is the continuous ream of facts and figures on the state of the world’s networks. Barely a week passes without a new set of data being published that usually signals the end of the modern world, or at the very least the collapse of the network as we know it. Earlier this month, however, I read a report on mobile broadband suggesting that things may not be as bad as we think.

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Black smoke or green cloud?

03 Dec 2010

At PEER 1, we know the responsibility we hold when it comes to addressing environmental issues. As a member of The Green Grid, a global consortium of leading IT organisations focused on data centre efficiency, we are committed to minimising power consumption and improving energy efficiency.

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The Power Struggle

03 Dec 2010

Gary Hull writes: In Australia the cost of electricity is rising by 10% year-on-year, an expense that can quickly translate to vast sums for large Australian enterprises. In 2009 Gartner found that energy costs would emerge as a company’s highest operating cost, second only to labour, in 70% of all data centre facilities worldwide.

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