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Archive for November 2010

VTL A Cure for Tape-Based Backup Pain in Virtual Data Centers

25 Nov 2010

Mike DiMeglio writes: Let’s do a little word association, shall we?  When I say, “tape-based data protection,” what comes to mind?  Anxiety! Pain!  For many data center managers – particularly those working in virtualized environments – “backup” “pain” and anxiety are words that go together far too easily.

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Could video kill the mobile web?

05 Nov 2010

Gareth Spence writes: Video’s record for causing disruption and widespread panic in the technology and media industry is nothing new. In the 1980s, video was accused of killing the radio star (escaped jail on a technicality). In the 1990s, it was implicated in bringing down cinema (thrown out of court). Yet in 2010, video faces its toughest allegation yet: killing the mobile web.

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