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Archive for October 2010

Happy Birthday EMC|ONE

28 Oct 2010

Can you believe it? Our little Social Media 'experiment' from late 2007 has just turned three. It's stunning just how quickly the time flies.

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Event: The Content Crisis- Driving Down Customer Acquisition Costs

20 Oct 2010

Justin Pirie writes: It’s been a little while since I’ve posted on this blog- but I felt it was time to give an events update as there is some really good stuff happening and readers don’t seem to be getting the best of me these days…

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Be careful what you ask for…

14 Oct 2010

Mark Harris writes:  You know a good friend of mine used to say to me, “Be careful what you ask for… You may just get it!” and I have to say, the words never rang truer than today in the DCIM category. There is simple SO much mystery and confusion as to what is needed, what steps are required to get there, and how to know if/when a group is successful in implementing a DCIM expertise

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Ask the Engineer - Do you have any rack-mount UPS recommendations?

14 Oct 2010

On occasion, an installation consists of only a few cabinets and it is desirable to place individual UPS units within each cabinet. Although Server Tech does not provide UPS products and remains manufacturer agnostic, there are a couple things that should be considered from the power distribution point of view.

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Are our global networks secure?

06 Oct 2010

Gareth Spence writes: This is a question that many of us perhaps take for granted. When was the last time you considered the security of your data as you transferred money online or emailed sensitive information to work colleagues? Personally, I rarely consider the risk that someone may be intercepting this data. At least I didn’t until now.

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