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DELUXE AUSTRALIA - Panasas Case Study

Deluxe Australia is a leading provider of services and technologies to the worldwide entertainment industry including top Hollywood studios. For nearly a century, Deluxe has provided content owners and creators with the tools and talent they need to bring the most compelling and exciting stories to life. Deluxe specializes in production, post-production, distribution, and asset management.

As Deluxe Australia geared up for major feature film productions like The Great Gatsby and Fury Road, it turned to Panasas and ActiveStor 14 to form the storage foundation for its Visual Effects (VFX) workflow. Creating VFX is digital artistry, technically complex and aesthetically demanding. It relies on an infrastructure which includes powerful workstations, high performance network attached storage (NAS) and a large render farm to produce visually compelling, multilayered effects.

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