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Absolute Software helps UK’s leading commercial radio group transform mobile device management

10 Oct 2013

Global’s IT team has to manage around 1,700 valuable mobile devices, used across the UK. Sales staff are frequently out of the office meeting prospects whilst staff at the Exeter office, which covers south west England, may only come into the office once a fortnight.

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Why Your CMS Is A Hacker’s Dream Come True

04 Oct 2013

They are everywhere.

Not hackers per se, but the very platforms whose vulnerabilities hackers seek to exploit. I’m talking about content management systems (CMSs). As you may be aware, 20% of the top sites have already adopted CMS, and enterprises of all sizes will continue to rely on CMSs to edit, modify, and publish content from a central interface.

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A Secure Approach to Floating Your Private Cloud

03 Oct 2013

How should organisations approach data centre migrations to private clouds, while maintaining security and connectivity for critical business applications?

A private cloud deployment should give all the flexibility, cost- and time-saving benefits of traditional public cloud solutions, with the key difference being that a company gets all of these benefits to itself, without having to share with others.

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Connecting the dots between mobile and enterprise security

03 Oct 2013

Today’s enterprise networks, what we now call the Extended Network, include not just networks but all end points, mobile and virtual, that extend to wherever employees are and wherever data is.

The recently published Global State of Information Security Survey from PricewaterhouseCoopers states that smartphones, tablets, the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend and the increased use of cloud computing have elevated security risks.

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Taking records management into the digital age

26 Sep 2013

A ‘scan, store and shred’ approach to document management can contribute to a leaner, greener, compliant strategy for records management and document processing, says Capital Capture managing director, Mark Kirpalani.

For many businesses, the dream of the paperless office remains some way off, with the challenge of physical record management in particular proving a significant burden for document-intensive firms – both in terms of time and cost.

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